Why Pallet Shipping Is the New Trend in the Shipping Industry

One of the advantages is that pallet shipping ensures efficiency. This is because most of these are light in weight and need a small space for storage. Pallets do not occupy a lot of space yet they carry a lot of goods inside them. Other than transport each good on its own, shippers prefer to arrange them inside the pallets to save on space. Even in warehouses, pallets are preferred as they do not consume a lot of space.

In addition, pallets used for shipping are strong. This ensures that the goods stored inside the pallets are safe and not tampered with. Their strength also makes it possible to stack a number of pallets together without breaking a single. Pallets are also designed in such a way that their contents are not in contact with the ground. Incidences of soaking the contents in water or accumulating dust are therefore eliminated. A single can be used for a number of times which makes pallet shipping cost effective.

The greatest advantage of pallet shipping is portability. Most pallets are designed to be easily carried around even by a single individual. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to big pallets. A single pallet can hold more goods compared to goods being carried piecemeal. This allows for easy monitoring and movement of goods during shipping. A small size pallet can be carried by a single individual and even the much bigger ones can be carried by two people. When the pallets are stack together into layers, they can be carried using a pallet jack. This makes pallet shipping less cumbersome when it comes to movement of the goods.

Furthermore, the pallets used for shipping can be recycled easily. Since most of the pallets are made of plastic and metal, they can easily be melted and recast into a variety of shapes to produce new ones. This cuts down on costs associated with acquiring new pallets and makes pallet shipping cost effective. This is what concerns shippers most as they are worried of the costs of replacing their containers. Pallet shipping has solved this problem as most of the pallets made from plastic and metal do not wear down easily.

Pallet shipping has fast gained momentum in the shipping industry as shippers are more conscious of costs related to space and damage of goods while in transit. Pallet shipping has proved to be the viable solution as it ensures safety of the goods and consumes little space as compared to empty containers.